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Barnett Vortex Lite Youth Bow

19-29Lb 22-27In
Size: 23-25"dl - 135fps - 19-29dw
Model Number: 1105

$84.39  MSRP: $89.99

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A lightweight compound bow offering the same high-quality design and function as larger bows, but in a smaller package to accommodate first-time shooters. Draw weights from 18 lbs. to 29 lbs. deliver hours of shooting fun and will provide hours of target shooting fun for the young shooter . The package doubles as a carrying case for easy transport and storage. Ships with a Fiber Optic Sight, Arrow Rest , Quiver and Two Arrows
Brand: Barnett
Product Code: B1109
Availability: 1
Color 0
Size 23-25"dl - 135fps - 19-29dw
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