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Conquest Game Scent

Stick Vs-1
Size: 2.5oz
Model Number: BC1202
Color: Vs-1

$38.86  MSRP: $49.99

Took the most powerful liquid deer attractant ever and developed a patented solid stick formula that encapsulates and protects the estrus pheromones until it is applied. When applied the pheromones are released by evaportaion. The advantages are: ease of application, re-sealable container, no spilling or leaking, will not freeze and will not break down in temperatures under 100 degrees. Can be stored safely in a hunters backpack. The stick is recommended to be used on our scent sponges and stored in a ziploc bag between uses
Brand: Conquest
Product Code: BC1202
Availability: 178
Color Vs-1
Size 2.5oz
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