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Lee Fisher

Lee Fisher Bait Knife


3.5? stainless steel blade with serrated edge on top, 7.7? total length. Now with contour grip and plastic sheath. Great for preparing bait on the boat...

Lee Fisher Crab Tongs

$14.19 MSRP: 17.99

Will not rust with its stainless steel construction. Easily and safely handle live crabs with this crab tong...

Lee Fisher Joy Fish Gloves



Size: Large
Lee Fisher Joy Fish Gloves


Polyester knit with vinyl web coating on both sides for a non-slip grip. Long lasting and comfortable, for all work environments...

Size: Medium
Lee Fisher Ohero Scissors


Cut braided lines with precision every time with this braided line scissors. Stainless steel construction makes it suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater environment. Its serrated edges ensure a clean cut and rubbe..

Lee Fisher Ohero Vent Tool


Use the Vent For Life device on fish brought up from deep water (approximately 50' or greater) that exhibit an inverted stomach, bugging eyes and ruptured scales due to rapid change in pressure. The Vent For Life is an a..

Lee Fisher Packaged Dehooker


Easily removes hook with this compact 9? dehooker. Made with a single piece stainless steel for durability and features a unique closed u-bend tip with ?u? notch tip. ..

Size: 9in