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Eagle Claw

Eagle Claw Braid Scissors


Designed to cleanly cut today’s braided superlines, which often prove too much for traditional cutting implements. ..

Size: Small
Eagle Claw Crab Tong


Made of stainless steel wire - 1/4” diameter wire body and 1/8” diameter wire...

Size: 1/4" dia
Eagle Claw Crab Trap Line


All purpose braided poly cord. Abrasion resistant and super strong. Also great for camping and hunting...

Size: 48'
Eagle Claw Crab Trap Line



Size: 25' Weighted
Eagle Claw Dumbell Marker Bouy


Dumbell Marker buoy with 75 ft. line and 6 oz. weight...

Size: 75' 6oz
Eagle Claw Fillet Board


Fillet board with sure grip clamp. ..

Size: 5 3/4" X 24"
Eagle Claw Fillet Knife WSheath


Stainless steel blade...

Size: 6" - Wood Handle
Eagle Claw Fish Billy Club


Rope tether keeps club secured to your wrist for quick access..

Size: 14"
Eagle Claw Fish Scaler


7" fish scaler..

Size: 7in
Eagle Claw Fish Scaler


9" fish scaler featuring a rubber handle..

Size: 9in
Eagle Claw Fishing Bell


Durable copper contruction. Adjustable spring loaded clip. Ideal for night, morning, or ice fishing. Alerts to fish strikes...

Size: 2pc
Eagle Claw Fishing Bell


Glow in the dark bell that is ideal for catfishing..

Size: 1 piece
Eagle Claw Floating Pliers


Floating 9” pliers with line cutter...

Size: 9"
Eagle Claw Hook Remover


Sturdy all metal construction with gripping teeth on the lower jaw. Pistol grip design aids in easy hook removal...

Size: 63/4"
Eagle Claw Jig Eye Tool


This easy to use tool quickly removes paint and coating material from the eye of the hook. Features include a vinyl coating for a sure grip...

Size: 2pc