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Bait Containers and Aeration

American Maple Aerator

$12.12 MSRP: 12.49


Size: 2 Speed
Bass Medics Rejuvenade

$15.03 MSRP: 18.49

It revitalizes, replenishes and energizes bass and game fish preparing them for release. By replacing lost energy and helping to return proper balance to the fish’s system, it will help to decrease recovery time and help..

Size: 290gm
Challenge Bait Bucket


Out of stock

Durable molded plastic has snap-on lid with easy access latch top. 2nd largest capacity bucket in its simplest form...

Size: 10qt
Challenge Bait Bucket

$12.21 MSRP: 13.49

Styrofoam liner to keep bait cool longer. Bracket and hose inlet for an aerator...

Size: 10qt Insulated
Challenge Bait Bucket


Out of stock

Is molded of high density poly-ethylene with extra thick walls. Yellow lid and Cover is a 2- piece design. Cover securely snaps over natural colored bucket rim. Lid mechanically hinges to cover. Floatable. 7-3/4" diamete..

Size: 4 1/2qt
Challenge Bait Bucket


Out of stock

Short and wide to prevent tip-over. More surface area to absorb oxygen...

Size: 6qt
Challenge Bait Bucket


Features a lift-out inner bucket that floats and drains from the bottom...

Size: 10qt
Challenge Bait Bucket Lid


Out of stock

Fits most 4,5 and 6 gallon plastic buckets. Complete with aerator bracket and air hose inlet. Molded from durable low density polyethylene. Yellow outer lid with clear inner lid...

Size: 5gal
Challenge Cricket Bucket


These quality cricket boxes are constructed of wire hardware cloth and high-impact polystyrene for durability. Features a sliding collar, big-mouth opening for large hands and poly rope handle...

Size: 6in
Challenge Cricket Bucket


Made of durable plastic, this economical cricket box features the Big Mouth opening for large hands. Also features a carrying handle...

Size: Big Mouth
Challenge Cricket Scoop


Plastic scoop for crickets also serves as a measurer for 50 & 100 count...

Size: 50 & 100 count
Challenge Cricket Tube


Out of stock

This popular style of cricket box is built of flexible end caps and durable wire...

Size: Short
Challenge Troll King Bucket


Out of stock

King of live bait containers. Fits inside 5 gallon bucket. Extra wide design. ..

Size: Troll King
Challenge Trolling Bucket


Out of stock

Heavy duty 8 qt. trolling bucket with stayopen door that makes removing bait a one handed job. ..

Size: 8qt
Eagle Claw Aerator Bait Pump


Convenient aerator goes where your bait bucket goes. Operates on (1) D-cell battery and clips to your bait bucket. On-off switch, 24" tubing and aerator stone...

Size: Piston
Frabill Aerator & Lid Combo

$18.75 MSRP: 28.59

This combo pack transforms any bucket into an aerated bait station, at a wallet-friendly price...

Frabill Aqua Life Quiet Aerato

$14.87 MSRP: 16.99

Effectively aerates up to 10 gallons. Includes aerator hose and stone. Runs on two D batteries. Clips to any bucket. 8.8"x 6.5"x 3"..

Frabill Aqua Life Shrimp Shak

$48.94 MSRP: 67.99

For 2015, Frabill is introducing an entirely new line of saltwater aerator systems. Specifically designed and tested to keep saltwater baitfish healthy and active, these pumps can convert any size cooler or livewell into..

Frabill Magnum Flow Troll

$17.41 MSRP: 23.49

The Frabill Flow Troll 10 quart live bait container features a self-closing lid with locking door and handle. The Hydrodynamic shape allows for easy flow through in water. The original and still America's number one sell..

H&H Cricket Basket


6'' Cricket Basket is the best way to safeguard against inoperative crickets. Keep your crickets healthy, fresh, and ready for the hook! ..

H&H Cricket Tube


The H&H Cricket Tube is a sure-fire way to safeguard against inoperative crickets. Keep your crickets healthy, fresh, and ready for the hook! ..

H&H Cricket Tube


Out of stock

6'' Cricket Basket is the best way to safeguard against inoperative crickets. Keep your crickets healthy, fresh, and ready for the hook! ..

Marine Metal 110 Air Bubbles

$28.88 MSRP: 31.49

Powerful/inexpensive air pump system operates on 110 volt household current. Keeps fish indefinitely. Complete system with pump, airline tubing and weighted air stone. Two outlets. Rubber base mount - very quiet. Fresh o..

Size: 10-50gal
Marine Metal 110 Air Bubbles


110 Volts, runs on standard household current. Powerful, inexpensive air pump systems to keep bait indefinitely. No batteries required. Produces 99.5% saturation of dissolved oxygen. Rubber base mounted pumps for quiet o..

Size: 5-15gal
Marine Metal 2-Way Bubbles

$27.45 MSRP: 37.99

Extremely quiet aeration systems. Operates on 2 D-cell (not included)up to 52 hours, 12 VDC adapter (included), and has a 110 V adapter port (adapter available at Radio Shack). Powerful 3VDC motor pumps up to 1.39 liters..

Size: 8gal