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Heat Factory

Heat Factory Body Warmer


The heat patches activate with air and adhere to the inside of your clothing thus minimizing the irritation many people experience when using “direct-to-skin” adhesive products. Keep this value pack handy for the entire ..

Heat Factory Foot Warmers


Heat Factory Footwarmer Insoles are designed to heat in the restricted air environment of a shoe or boot for up to 6 hours. When placed under sock, these thin and comfortable insoles provide soothing warmth underneath yo..

Heat Factory Large Handwarmers


last up to 24 hours each and are packaged as single units. Large Size Warmer pads work in any pocket, blanket, Seater Heater, Toaster Muff or HF accessory...

Heat Factory Mini Handwarmers


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Heat Factory's mini-size warmers are ideal for use inside gloves, mittens, pockets or any place where soothing heat is desired. The lightweight pouches provide reliable, even heat for 10 hours. Hand warmers are safe to u..

Heat Factory Toe Warmers


last up to 5 hours and are packaged in pairs. Our Toe Warmers are designed to work in a shoe or boot with restricted air flow. Simply open package, peel off backing and place on the outside of socks under the toes...