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Lucky Duck

Lucky Duck Air Dove


Features: Ease of transport, ease of set-up, light weight construction, and drop dead effectiveness. No batteries, chargers, or heavy mechanisms. Decoy and wing assembly included. Requires 3/8” stake (sold separately)...

Size: Dove
Lucky Duck Air Lucky Duck

$40.16 MSRP: 46.99

Want a simple and easy solution for those areas that do not allow motorized rotating wing decoys? Tired of having to re-charge your decoy after each use? Well Lucky Duck has the solution for you! Air Lucky!! This wind ac..

Size: Air Lucky - 5mph rotation
Lucky Duck Battery


Works with Expedite products requiring a rechargeable 6-volt battery...

Size: 6v
Lucky Duck Battery Charger


Works with Expedite rechargeable 6-volt battery...

Size: 6v
Lucky Duck Crow Decoys

$38.38 MSRP: 46.99

3 fully flocked - full size crows come with ground stakes with allows the decoys to move a full 360 degrees-mimicking feeding crows. Crows can be used on the Triple Play Motion Decoy system...

Size: Full Size crows
Lucky Duck Dove Decoys


Doesn't get any better than this. Just clip these decoys around you in the trees, fences, wherever, and watch the action. Heavy duty clip for upright stance and lifelike colors make these decoys appear real...

Size: Dove 4pk
Lucky Duck Lucky Goose

$160.84 MSRP: 239.99

Lucky Flapper Canada Goose - New for Fall 2014 Flapping Wing Decoy with Remote. This Life size Canada Goose Decoy has a Flocked Head, Durable flapping magnetic EVA wings for easy setup. Comes with Remote Control, 12V bat..

Size: Goose
Lucky Duck Lucky Hd Decoy

$85.52 MSRP: 119.99

Out of stock

The Lucky HD is the most durable and realistic spinning wing decoy available on the market! Made from durable EVA plastic that includes a chest mount for the 42" stake, charging port, and battery compartment. This decoy ..