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Game Scents & Attractants

Black Widow Deer Lure

$15.86 MSRP: 16.99

This scent is the finest estrus lure in the market! Hot-N-Ready XXX is only collected during the absolute peak of the estrus cycle when the doe is ready to stand and breed. These doe's are so hot we had to give it ..

Black Widow Deer Lure


Infused with 6 ounces of Scrape Master (a blend of dominate buck and doe estrus). Scrape Beads slowly release scent over time, and will last for weeks. In addition, as deer in the area visit the scrape, their urine will..

Black Widow Deer Lure


Infused with 6 ounces of Hot-N-Ready Doe Estrus. Scrape Beads slowly release scent over time, and will last for weeks. In addition, as deer in the area visit the scrape, their urine will be absorbed in the beads. This ..

Black Widow Deer Lure


Scent stick can be hung from any tree branch or stuck into the ground when hunting and come packaged with three different colors so they can also be used as distance yardage markers. With highly reflective bands around d..

Black Widow Deer Lure


Comes in a multi pack ready to use with your favorite Black Widow Deer Lure...

Black Widow Deer Lure


Black Widow Hot-N-Ready is 100% doe urine collected only during the estrus cycle. Hot-N-Ready works extremely well from mid-October through-out the remainder of the hunting season. It is a great lure to use during the ..

Code Blue Elimin-X Combo

$12.02 MSRP: 16.99

EliminX 360 covers you head to toe with the hybrid scent elimination technology of Silver-Zyme. Silver-Zyme combines nanosilver and enzyme technology to form a solution that eliminates bacteria and foreign odors, so you..

Code Blue Face Paint


Code Blue's Face Paint is a major league protection against getting spotted by big game. The all black face paint blends perfectly with any terrain and is good for all weather conditions. The Face Paint provides a non-gl..

Dead Down Wind Scent Elimination


Eliminate UV glow on clothing and gear. Durable, water-resistant formula. Even withstands laundering in DDW detergent. Will not discolor your expensive camo. Great for turkey, waterfowl, deer, and upland hunting...

Dead Down Wind Scent Elimination


The ONLY moisturizing and preventative combination for every situation. The beeswax formulation helps to protect and prevent against chapped lips. Now with SPF 15 sunscreen built into both lip balms for added protection..

Size: 2pk 8.5gm
Evolved Game Attractant


With a color and texture resembling dirt, UV enhancement and the aroma of dried molasses, Evolved Habitats Dirt Bag is appealing to deer’s eyes and nose. Looks like dirt, attracts like crazy. Place this deer attractant ..

Size: 5#
Evolved Throw & Grow Seed


Throw & Gro No-Till Forage - Create a personal food plot to attract and hold deer where you want to hunt. The plants can be planted without discing so that you can plant in areas not accessible to heavy equipment and oth..

Size: 5lb
Evolved Throw & Grow Seed


Food plot seed endorsed by Michael Waddell, Bone Collector. Attractant blends tetraploid annual ryegrass, forage oats & rape, & red clover. Plot requires half day of sunlight & can be planted Spring, Summer & Fall. “No-T..

Size: 5lb
H.S. Scent-A-Way Max Soap


Scent-A-Way MAX Deodorizing Soap neutralizes human odor. Use as a body soap or shampoo. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 12 oz. bottle. Bulk. Odorless. ..