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American Hunter

American Hunter Feeder Battery


Commonly used for game feeders, motorized ducks, game calls, headlights and spotlights. Rechargeable w/post. Clam packed...

Size: 6v 4.5amp
American Hunter Feeder Battery


Commonly used for game feeders, lanterns & flashlights. Rechargeable w/springs. Clam packed...

Size: 6v 5amp
American Hunter Feeder Charger

$28.23 MSRP: 29.99

Converts sunlight into electric power for charging a 6 volt rechargeable battery. Maintainance free, waterproof, rust proof and corrosive resistant. No exposed wires...

Size: 6v for R,RD, and Pro Kits
American Hunter Feeder Charger


Plugs into 110 volt outlet. Using a switch, you select 6 or 12 volt charge. This charger will charge most 6 & 12 volt rechargeable feeder batteries. Output is 500 ma DC. Clam packed...

Size: 6/12v 500ma
American Hunter Feeder Funnel

$23.89 MSRP: 23.99

Out of stock

A very unique funnel. It fits most 30, 35 and 55 gallon barrels. Using pre-punched holes and self-tapping screws, you can adjust the diameter of the funnel needed for your barrel. Galvanized metal...

Size: Fits Most 30, 35, 55gal
American Hunter Game Feeder

$122.71 MSRP: 149.99

Features: Heavy duty poly barrel with quick release lid, heavy metal mounts, three 8' sectional galvanized legs, analog clock timer and guard, feed times from 1 to 16 timer per day, adjustable feed rate, and solar panel,..

Size: 225# Tripod
American Hunter Game Feeder

$42.16 MSRP: 54.99

Keep herds of deer at your favorite hunting spot with the American Hunter R-Pro Feeder Kit. This kit comes with an analog timer and a varmint guard built in. Features: adjustable feed rate (1-30 sec). Varmint guard built..

Size: Feeder Only
American Hunter Game Feeder

$56.56 MSRP: 74.99

Feeds 1-24 times per day. Adjustable feed rate (1-30 sec.). Pre-wired for:Varmint Buster #BL-VB1, Remote Control #BL-RC-1, Solar Panel #BL-R608-S. Heavy-duty “No Blo” slinger resists wind and grain trickle. Operates on a..

Size: 50# Hanging
American Hunter Game Feeder

$54.83 MSRP: 74.99

Features: Feeds 1 to 16 times per day. Feed different days of the week. Adjustable feed rate (1-30 sec). Varmint gaurd built in. Easy to install. Fits most any feed container. Pre-wired for accesories. Includes powder co..

Size: Feeder Only