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Birchwood Casey Barricade


Protects your firearms from rust. It rapidly drives out moisture from metal pores and deposits a transparent coating which seals the surface with a protective film. Withstands 500 hours in ASTM humidity test and 96 hours..

Size: 10oz
Birchwood Casey Bore Scrubber


A complete formula for copper and nitro fouling. This 2-in-1 solvent does it all! Attacks, dissolves and removes all types of barrel fouling including: lead, copper, plastic, carbon and powder fouling. Superior rust prev..

Size: 10oz
Birchwood Casey Gun Oil


A superior lubricant for all climates. Contains PTFE lubricant to greatly reduce the friction between mating surfaces. Will not gum up or lose its viscosity under extreme temperature variations from -55°F to 300°F. The n..

Size: 4.5oz
Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber


A synthetic safe ceaner cleans fast and will not harm plastic, wood, laminates, composites, rubber grips or any other material used in the construction of today's firearms. Even camo finishes are completely safe when you..

Size: 10oz
Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber

$12.23 MSRP: 12.99

Cleaning your firearms just got easier thanks to Birchwood Casey's Gun Scrubber Synthetic Safe Cleaner. Now you can buy one solvent/degreaser that does the job safely on every single firearm that you own. ..

Size: 13oz
Birchwood Casey Perma Blue


Birchwood Casey offers you the best ways to touch up scratches and worn spots or even completely reblue most guns. It will give a nonstreaky, even blue-black finish to steel (except stainless). Both Perma Blue Liquid Gun..

Size: 2oz
Birchwood Casey Presto Pen


Out of stock

The Presto Gun Blue Pen quickly and easily penetrates hard steel and gives a durable blue-black finish that won't rub off. use like a marking pen for one-coat coverage on nonstainless steels...

Size: Felt Tip
Birchwood Casey Remover


Blue & Rust Remover is a safe, reliable solution that removes rust and old blue easily and quickly without damaging base metal. Safe for removing old finish from firearms, muzzleloaders and antiques. Also excellent for r..

Size: 3oz
Birchwood Casey Rig Grease


A thin film of RIG Universal Gun Grease will help keep your firearms rust-free. One thorough application of RIG Universal Gun Grease inside and out will protect your rifle, handgun, shotgun or muzzleloader against rust a..

Size: 3oz
Birchwood Casey Silicone Cloth


Leaves a lustrous, lasting, protective film on all metal, wood and plastic surfaces. The doublenapped, 100% cotton flannel cloth is impregnated with pure silicone and then packaged in a convenient reclosable poly bag, st..

Size: 14.4" X 15"
Birchwood Casey Super Blue


A double-strength blueing solution designed for blueing highly polished steel parts and hardened steels containing nickel and chrome alloys (except stainless). Super Blue Extra Strength Gun Blue is the blackest blue. Use..

Size: 3oz
Birchwood Casey Touch-Up Pen


Contains a fast-drying, lead-free paint. Fills in deep scratches or worn areas. Available in Gloss or Flat black...

Birchwood Casey Touch-Up Pen


Contains a fast-drying, lead-free paint. Fills in deep scratches or worn areas. Available in Gloss or Flat black...