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Cci Shotshell Primers #209


An excellent, general purpose primer for most field loads. For current Winchester, Remington, Peters and Federal shotshell cases. Also fits Knight Discs. 100 per can and 10 cans per box...

Size: 10/100
Cci Percussion Caps #11Mag


Looks just like picture above. Hotter caps intended for rifles and revolvers with No.11 nipples. Charged with a magnum non-corrosive mix that will reliably ignite problem loads...

Size: 10/100
Cci Percussion Caps #11


Charged with a modern, non-mercuric, non-corrosive mix that will ignite hard-to-fire loads. Foiled and lacquer sealed for moisture protection...

Size: 10/100
Cva Hunter Powder Measure


Measure adjustable from 60-130 grains...

Size: 60-130gr
Cva Bullet Starter


A required accessory. This ball starter or "short ramrod" can be used with .32 to .58 caliber rifles or pistols. The sturdy synthetic ball lets you press the patched round ball or conical ball into the muzzle for easier ..

Size: Synthetic
Cva Cleaning Brush



Size: 0.5
Cva Ramrod Accessories Pack


Contains ball/patch puller, cleaning brush, cotton bore swab, cleaning jag/loading tip...

Size: .50cal
Cva Fiberglass Ramrod


Flexibility to bend without breaking. 3' length for you to custom fit...

Size: Universal
Cva Rapid Loaders


Straight through tube allows for loading ball, patch and powder in one fluid motion...

Size: .50 3pk
Cva Breech Plug Cleaners


Pipe cleaners with stiff bristles imbedded in the material for extra heavy duty cleaning in hard to get to places...

Size: 50pk
Cva Magnum Speed Loaders


This loader will handle a magnum load of three 50 grain pellets plus a saboted bullet. 3/pk...

Size: .50 3pk
Cva Breech Plug/Nipple Grease


Formulated to withstand the heat generated during the ignition of powder. Prevents nipple and breech plug from seizing up...

Size: 2oz
Cva 209 Capper/Extractor Tool


Allows for easy capping and removal of #209 shot shells primers. Works on any brand of in-line muzzleloader...

Size: 209
Cva Barrel Blast Patches


Cleaning patches that are pre-saturated with Barrel Blaster Solvent for quick easy cleaning of your barrel at the range or at home...

Size: 100pk
Cva Barrel Blast Bore Cleaner

$12.76 MSRP: 13.69

Absolutely the easiest way to clean your muzzleloader! Spray the foam into the barrel and allow to sit 20 minutes to one hour, then swab foam out of the barrel and you are done!..

Size: 7oz