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Cva Cleaning Brush



Size: 0.5
Cva Bullet Starter


A required accessory. This ball starter or "short ramrod" can be used with .32 to .58 caliber rifles or pistols. The sturdy synthetic ball lets you press the patched round ball or conical ball into the muzzle for easier ..

Size: Synthetic
Cva Magnum Speed Loaders


This loader will handle a magnum load of three 50 grain pellets plus a saboted bullet. 3/pk...

Size: .50 3pk
T/C Bore Brush


Use for scrubbing out lead deposits. Available with 2 thread sizes: 5/16-27 which fits shotgun cleaning rods, and 10-32 which fits muzzleloading ramrods...

Size: .50/10X32
T/C Bullet Puller


Out of stock

Threads onto a T/C ramrod and successfully removes stuck balls, bullets or shotgun wads from the bore...

Size: .50/10X32
Cva 209 Capper/Extractor Tool


Allows for easy capping and removal of #209 shot shells primers. Works on any brand of in-line muzzleloader...

Size: 209
Cva Rapid Loaders


Straight through tube allows for loading ball, patch and powder in one fluid motion...

Size: .50 3pk
Cva Breech Plug/Nipple Grease


Formulated to withstand the heat generated during the ignition of powder. Prevents nipple and breech plug from seizing up...

Size: 2oz
Cva Ramrod Accessories Pack


Contains ball/patch puller, cleaning brush, cotton bore swab, cleaning jag/loading tip...

Size: .50cal
T/C Number 13+ Bore Cleaner


An all natural bore cleaner which contains no petroleum based additives and is compatible with Natural Lube 1000 Plus. Number 13 will quickly and efficiently remove any trace of residue or fouling without eliminating the..

Size: 8oz
T/C Stainless Nipple

$9.16 MSRP: 9.49

These stainless steel nipples are carefully machined and long lasting. For most T/C Cap Lock rifles (except Cherokee, Fire Storm & Seneca). Thread Size 1/4 x 28. Also fits all T/C in-lines (except Encore 209x50 & T/C Sco..

Size: #11
T/C T-Handle Bullet Starter


T/C’s composite T-Handle Short Starter is a lightweight and compact short starter with a “palm saver” built right into one of the ends. It features a removable seating end which allows you to convert your ramrod into a w..

Size: lightweight
Cva Hunter Powder Measure


Measure adjustable from 60-130 grains...

Size: 60-130gr
T/C Anti-Seize Super Lube


Synthetic based lube containing Teflon, which seals the threads of muzzleloading breech plugs, as well as shotgun choke tubes. Withstands high operating temperatures, and prevents fouling or powder residue from binding b..

Size: 1/4oz
T/C Natural Lube 1000-Plus


A biodegradable all natural lubricant which contains no petroleum-based oil or additives. Reacts differently (chemically) to the combustion of black powder, producing far less “tar like” fouling. Also, can be used to fie..

Size: 5oz